We have the best fanfic writers around! (And nice job with the no-spoiler description.). I love the character Marty Deeks, love writing about him and love watching ECO bring him to life. And so, they had, later that night, over a bottle of wine. Why wasnt it one of them?, Hed made Kensi curious. I wanted to write them navigating a partnership, then a romantic relationship, then balancing family issues, having to make decisions and sacrifices that made sense for them as a married couple and a family, and then ultimately having to examine their professional desires with their love for each other and their family. Those are some of my absolute favorite moments/stories for them. I could stay., The writers who bring Densi together dont necessarily make things too easy for them. "Not my own accomplishments." Romance at your Service: Deeks Surf Log4/23/23. Im fine, Kens, Deeks said before coughing up half a lung. Wow. She hadnt wanted to talk about it, when shed finally admitted to him what had caused her to behave so differently on the case. Dinner, fireworks off Catalina, and lounges on the upper deck where we can watch the stars together and maybe indulge in a little hanky-panky when the crew isnt around.. Okay, Deeks replied, resigned to his fate. Listen, you know I love Hetty, but Im also not looking at her through rose-colored glasses. Do you not want to do it? So? I love having brunch with your friends I mean, our friends.. Deeks studied the features of the woman he loved so very deeply, trying to read her, not quite certain she was ready for this particular conversation. Just checking, buddy. Can you tell us more about your first day at work on NCISLA? Or she might not. Or maybe he would decide he wants whatever we have, like the roof over our heads.. The things we do have consequences just as much as those things we dont do.Episode Tag for S13.E5 Divided We Fall. If hes alive, what do I gain by connecting with him, or letting him connect with me? Deeks stared another few moments at that pod of dolphins, not really seeing, not thinking. Hettys very manipulative and is not always honest with her team. Great way to end this series. Kensi glanced up at Deeks, he had placed his bag down at . Kensi had known her mother, and outright rejected her, in a fit of adolescent pique. All of these writers are terrific, but I have to tout my two favoritesthepixiemademedoit, who is such an elegant writer and Imahistorian whose current ongoing story Hold on Hope about a married Kensi and Deeks ten years down the line shows just how deep and far fan fiction can take us. So what are your romantic plans for tonight? Sam asked. Cant go wrong with that., Thats exactly it. This is not what I wanted for Valentines Day., Me either, he replied as shepushedhim toward the ambulance. Or huge bouquet of flowerschampagneor strawberries dipped in chocolate?, Nobut I thought about it, he replied, as he stood back to watch her. Whatwhy? All images copyright their respective owners, no infringement intended. Why dont you have your dads last name, by the way? You okay? I love all the fanfic writers mentioned. The father smiled softly, brushing her hair back. At times, it had even seemed as though she was fostering their relationship. It was because having Bertie made him a son, and not just an agent. Not necessarily married with kids (though some of those stories are great too), but just them, at home, guards down, not worried about hiding from the team, etc. Posted on September 19, 2021 by amusement345 in Fan Fiction // 9 Comments. But I like candy and flowers, she said softly. i loved it. Since Humbug, I just cant seem to get enough of reading about them together. Who are some of your dream guest stars forNCISLA? Hey Kara, I agree. Artie? Is that what this assignment is? Read the most popular deeks stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Marty Deeks promised himself that he wouldnt let her get to him. phillydi describes Some Like It Hot (humor/romance) this way: I like it because it is a playful Densi and this time the jealousy is coming from Deeks side. I always have wished that they would bring her up in an episode. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television. Time to release your stinky charm, he said before putting in his comms. This conversation was your idea., I know. And Im not sure I really want to know. Kensi Blye Deeks trusted her husband implicitly, and had, for nearly a decade. (LogOut/ What the hell happened in there, Deeks? Sam asked. Getting shot wasn't that bad in th. This was an inside job, so these guys are military trained., Copy that, he replied. With my luck, a search would just attach me to a whole new brood of losers and latchers-on., What if I did the search? Just feeling. Just love that we have this moment together.. it was about me. I mean, weve done our turn. Okay. I loved this fanfiction, thanks for writing it. He had called Kensi from the car and had enjoyed her blistering remarks about Callen sending him out on Valentines Day, especially with Artie in tow. How does your improvisation processwork? What if he joined S.W.A.T? Youre still a Blye. But the state of their family had been paramount in each of their minds. He promised that their evening would make up for everything, and she had warned him that ithadbetter, which didnt make him happy at all. Thats when, right? I just dont want to be late for brunch. Is Beale sure this is where these guys took the stolen material?. Thanks to all for the kind feedback, and for tolerating the fact that I didnt actually answer the question. The program [liked] to use that as an excuse to keep them apart. A great story, intriguing, enjoyable and believable. All images copyright their respective owners, no infringement intended. I mean, I assumed you and your mom had changed your names after you know. I told hdawg in my comment about her birthday fic that I love those sleepy morning scenes that she and other writers give us and those are just one example this domestic Densi that I love. I guess Im just saying that I dont want our kids to think they have to be in the fight, all the time. Deeks was bouncing on his heels with excitement as he waited by his car. Maybe for the first time in my life, I dont have a plan past tomorrow and it is awesome, Kensis smile was glorious. Her hands went up in a flight of frustration. I was perfectly happy with that kind of [slow] relationship/partnership development on the show, whilst I got to play with them in fic and write things I wouldnt necessarily want to see on the show because a fic is a fic as far as one-shots go, its one and done, and what happens in a one-shot doesnt have to carry forward into everything else you write. Just for being who she was to him. ), more or less what then really happened in Humbug. And what he felt, was supported. So lets live life to the fullest, Kens. {NCIS LA fanfic} by Sanne. Change). What if that part of his family history ran much more deeply than he knew? Of course. Deeks would be forever grateful for this woman in his life, who so easily overlooked his faults and virtually willed him to reach his aspirations. . Kensi handed her flowers to Nell, and Deeks looked at the two photos in her arms. What do you most admire aboutDeeks? It had become obvious to Kensi, through the course of this conversation, that Deeks had been pondering all of this for a long time, and she was now trying to catch up with him. A sneaky dare between 2 friends leads to a hilarious outcome. Kensi laughed, moaning exaggeratedly after taking another sip of coffee. Not at Henrietta Lange. But it had been far from enough. I mean, I barely knew my fathers side of the family. They are happy together, and theyve both faced their deepest fears to get there. Where is she, by the way? Callen asked. 12.6K 276 16. Maybe I spent too much of my childhood alone with my dad. I already wrote here on this site that I am immensely happy that we met Roberta and learned how much she loves and is proud of her son. However, your story is great and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But she was wrong. Could I? Because thats where criminals store stolen Navy munitions, Sam said in an irritating singsong voice. A gray van was parked at an angle in the middle of the space, but he saw no one and heard no voices. She was glad to see that shed alleviated some of his tension. Arties services are required on this one. Shed told him, repeatedly, that she wasnt ready, which hed taken as a good sign. What do you most admire aboutDeeks? So, if your dad had been looking for you, he would have run into a wall.. His strokes were deliberate, his choice of wave careful, no hint of recklessness in his ride. They made their way silently across the sand, depositing a blanket and their footwear at a place beyond where the tide would reach, and then moving into the embrace of the sea. 322 Stories. Deeks leaned over to kiss his wife before starting the car. I love you every single daynot just on some date on a calendar. Maybe vengeful. But I didnt. Seen her maneuver people, seen her maneuver the truth. Buck and Street are together for years now. but I have read some great ones on the FanFic sight and am amazed at how wonderful they do seem to work out together, Jericho Steele says. Hetty hosts a barbecue at one of her houses and she and Owen make an announcement. "Good morning daddy," Dani says softly. Two men suddenly stumbled out the door of the small office, arguing loudly and shoving one another. And me, too. Is that it? Sweet Lus Densi is long established, but they struggle to take their relationship to the next level. Looks like Artie got a little singed, Callen said as he walked up. aslycsi1315 for one, admits to a certain degree of impatience that prompted her to move her Densi forward. Not even a mention of a car accident that might have taken his life, not an obituary, not a police record beyond what he already had., But I thought Nell researched him for Hetty?, She did. Deeks could remember his father snatching his violin case from his hands, banging the case on the table until the handle broke and Luther fell to the floor, then while Deeks and his mother screamed and cried, Gordon smashed the violin against the table and stomped on anything that landed on the floor. Or what if we decide to become parents a different way what would be the point of digging into a family history that doesnt even belong to our child?. Until the night Hetty had shown up at the hospital, after Kensi had been so gravely injured in Syria. He enteredand crept along the wall till he reached a stack of pallets in the corner where he could hide and observe. Okay, Artie. Awesome as per usual. Or would it mean he wanted something? Im not complaining., Good, because honestly, I lost my razor about fifteen years ago, and He stopped abruptly, just at the doorsill of their entryway. Not ever again. Its not the history, and its not the relatives. Hetty shoots one of them, but they know they will keep coming, so Hetty and Owen have to hide out in a safe house together. A special thanks to @thewingsofnight for creating the wonderful artwork. She works with NCIS Special Projects. No one is supposed to know. Kensi was too well acquainted with regret not to play devils advocate. Id say my Densi relationship is a much more developed one since they are married with children and also older than they presently are on the show. She says, I think that now, when I write about them, there is more of a willingness for them to get together than in some of my earlier stories. From the look on her face, it appeared to be a dissonant one, and he steeled himself for disappointment. by Wereleopard58 I never wrote for fun before until my ECO-obsession. But do you want me to be honest?, Okay. Do we have to do both of them? Kensi says hi., In great detail, he replied as he approached the side of the building next to a sagging chainlink fence. Deeks expects to be left alone, to never see the NCIS agents again. I hadnt listed any family, no one as next of kin. dubois chemicals bowling green, ky,

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