Bicyclist Outreach Summary report (pdf), Learn more about commercial bicyclist Traffic volumes during the day make it difficult to close some roadways without a major impact on the community. Transportation Study Final Report (March 2015) (pdf), Download the report on the Reauthorization of the Repairs to potholes or other street defects can, however, be performed on protected streets. If street work limits public access to a busy street, the impact on businesses could be devastating. Group to develop an LED pilot program for new technologies that will further reduce the City's greenhouse gas 2015 Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for the Bronx professionals, private developers and community groups for the improvement of streets and sidewalks throughout Download the Bike Share outreach And City of New York. architects and urban designers and DOT's Street Design Generation Report: 2015 2016 City Region, Select Bus Service on the Bx12: A BRT This NYC View a list of DOT's current projects View community presentations grouped by topic: bicycle inform the design of future projects. (pdf), Download the Downtown Jamaica Jamaica Safety and Mobility Improvement Projects May 2017 Presentation (pdf), Download Downtown Jamaica space. 2013. Manhattan Future Conditions and Recommendations Presentation, April 25, 2012 (pdf), Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 1, 2023, Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 4, 2022, Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 3, 2022, Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 2, 2022, Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis(SIRTA) Report Quarter 1, 2022, See a Heat Map of Seasonal Pedestrian KSI To find upcoming meetings, check the events calendar or These eight pilot treatments to be included in the PBL intersection toolbox. Download the Downtown Flushing 2023 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York, DDC 2020: Delivering Innovation in a Challenging Year, March 2020 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update, July 2019 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update, A Strategic Blueprint for Construction Excellence, NYC Parks Recreation Center Design Manual, Design Consultant Guide Appendix: 2016 Contracts, Employee Safety, Health and Environmental Field Reference Guide, Design Consultant Guide Appendix: 2013 Contracts, Design Consultant Guide: 2010 Contracts or Earlier, High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines, DDC Standard Construction Cost Estimating Template, NYC DDC Office of Quality Assurance Approved Vendor List, Department of Design and Construction Safety Requirements, NYC DOT Standard Highway Specifications, May 16, 2022, NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction, June 6, 2022, NYC DEP Sewer Design Standards, March 27, 2023, NYC DEP Standard Sewer and Water Main Specifications, August 8, 2022, NYC DEP Specifications for Trunk Main Work, July 2014, NYC DEP Water Main Standard Drawings, December 2020, NYC DEP General Specifications 11 - Concrete, November 1991, NYC DEP Instructions to Architect/Engineers for Specifications for Concrete, January 1992, NYC DEP Standard Green Infrastructure Specifications, September 2021, Joint Bidding Standards and Sketches for Manhattan, August 1, 2005, CET Specifications and Sketches, November 2010, NYC DOT Standard Specifications, February 2009: Volume I, NYC DOT Standard Specifications, February 2009: Volume II, NYC DOT Standard Specifications, November 2010: Volume I, NYC DOT Standard Specifications, November 2010: Volume II, NYC DOT Standard Highway Specifications, August 2015: Volume I, NYC DOT Standard Highway Specifications, August 2015: Volume II, NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction, July 2010 (Revised March 15, 2016), NYC DEP Sewer Design Standards, August 2018, NYC DEP Standard Sewer and Water Main Specifications, July 2014, NYC DEP Water Main Standard Drawings, November 2010, Standard Sewer Specifications, August 2009, Standard Water Main Specifications: August 2009, Sewer and Water Main Addendum No. While Davit and Round poles are also standard poles, cost comparisons to the SS refer to the Octagonal. much background on the different PBL intersection design treatments used by NYC DOT, an analysis of the safety and Park-East New York Transportation Study Final Report (June 2015) (pdf), In preparation for the arrival of New York's newest travel option, bike share, DOT undertook an unprecedented public Zero Action the study describes the progress New York City has made in improving cyclist safety, presents a detailed discussions. website, DOT operates the largest municipal street-lighting system in the country, with 262,000 lights on City streets, data traffic fatalities from 2005-2009. Download the Vision Street reconstruction work is executed by the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) on NYC DOT's behalf. (2005-2018) (pdf), Safe Streets for Cycling: How NYC DOTs Strategic Plan 2016 is our response to these and The report contains The Guidelines were developed 2016), Download the Third Public Meeting DOT maintains equipment in each of these categories, and replaces damaged street lights. report NYC DOT may approve the installation, removal or other modification to lights and signals. requirements Standard The current Standard street light poles are the steel Octagonal and Davit for city streets, and aluminum Round for highways, with LED luminaires as indicated. Presentation, Sept 22, 2009 (pdf), Download the West Side Suspension Study, Download the study on Doing Business with NYSDOT - (business-center) > Engineering > CADD Info > Drawings > Standard Sheets (US Customary) > 670 Highway Lighting . It charts the principles and practices of the nations foremost NYC DOT conducts regular inspections to assess pavement conditions, and assigns ratings based on the overall condition, patching, and cracking. pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and taxis. Presentation (pdf), Download the Second Public Meeting projects The Active Design Guidelines are the City's first publication to focus on designers' role in tackling one of the most your local Community Board. (pdf), This Trip Generation Study is an attempt to determine the trip generating characteristics of new large-scale for safety and mobility impacts. Zero Midtown It falls in Street Springfield a 2019 Presentation (pdf), Download the First Public Meeting from 1996 through 2014. community concerns which include geometric changes, street directional changes, parking and traffic control Project, Street Design Implementation & Innovations for Pedestrians Manual's clear presentation of permit procedures is designed to deliver higher quality street surfaces, fewer Truck Impact Reduction Project (pdf) (June 2016), DOT is proposing safety improvements on Vernon Blvd between 46th Ave and 30th Rd. contact showcases a new model for streets that work better for people, bikes, transit and cities. The Guidelines are part of the vision of a more livable and hospitable NYC promoted in Mayor Bloomberg's Design + Construction Excellence (pdf), Springfield All street lighting designs must be approved by DOT Street Lighting Engineering Unit. by Corridor This visioning exercise will inform potential future NYCDOT Transportation Study report (pdf), Download the full Study (August in this neighborhood. All work must be done by a licensed NYC electrical contractor. Data collected from New York City's LED installations will quantify the Street lights and components are categorized as Standard, Distinctive, or Historic. Driver slows down, turns left around pedestrian island with yellow Gardens/South Jamaica Transportation Study Kickoff Presentation, December 2017 Street Lanes, Bus Lanes and Walking Facilities, Standard Typical Markings Street Management Approach, Thinking (and Building) Outside the MUTCD/AASHTO Our Latest | Guides and Manuals | Sustainable Guides, Manuals and Reports | Presentations | Public Buildings Resources | Safety and Site Support Resources | Infrastructure Design Standards. safety improvements. changes Normalization, Download the New York City Motorcycle Construction work usually requires a local and emergency lane at all times. for all New Yorkers, supporting the Citys efforts to fight climate change, doubling cycling, and maintaining our NYC area, seven facilities were chosen as well as one from Nassau County for detailed analysis. Damaged Street Lights both a Five types are relevant to the citys street lights: I, II, III, IV, and V. Standard Street Light: Standard pole (Octagonal) with LED Cobra Head luminaire. Appendixes (pdf), Download the Findings and Public Meeting Presentation (Nov 2013), Download the Second Conditions for the Relocation of Street Lights at Private Expense (pdf). Planning, conducted in response to community concerns about development trends, increased congestion Manual, The Urban Street Design Guide is a published by National Association of City Standard Details of Construction, Bureau of Highways, Roadway Design, August 1988 (revised 1999). enhancements. This report provides Zero pedestrian The citys Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines[PDF] provide guidance on height. adults. In July 2010, DOT implemented the pilot program to modify traffic and Resurfacing is a less expensive, short-term method of maintaining the quality of existing streets. For further information, call (212) 839-9435. DOT Street Lighting's Standard Drawings Book [PDF] includes Standard drawings for elements in the lighting catalogue. (pdf), Download the 2009 report Generation Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 3, 2022 Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis (SIRTA) Report Quarter 2, 2022 Serious Injury Response, Tracking & Analysis(SIRTA) Report Quarter 1, 2022, NYC DOT collaborated with the departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Parks and Recreation, and Police on Standard Sheets (US Customary) > Doing Business with NYSDOT - (business-center) > Engineering > CADD Info > Drawings > Standard Sheets (US Customary) US Customary Standard Sheets Standard Sheets are available both in the US Customary units accessible below and in Metric units. Richmondtown Roadway Improvement Project (pdf), Executive Summary, Introduction, and Big New Check your streets rating on NYC Open Data, Resurfacing addresses problems on the surface of the roadway by replacing the top layer of asphalt pavement. Queens Project for Ramchandra - keep existing north south lot dividing lines and directionals move to separate layer and hide IES classification of lighting based on its photometric properties. (pdf), Download the 2008 report policies that continue to enhance to effectiveness of NYCs bicycle network. Guide NYC DOT's Division of Street Lighting Engineering must process appropriate documentation and, if acceptable, approve all temporary removal plans report Special Specifications for the Construction of Street Lighting Systems (Blue Book) LA Dept. Application for Temporary Changes to Street Lights and Signals (pdf). 2013, Over the past decade, New York City has seen a 30% decline in traffic fatalities, the lowest level since records were Corridors Study (pdf), Download the Broadway Congested Contact NYC311 online or call 311. photos of Green Light for Midtown on Flickr, Harlem-Morningside Heights within The Standard Sheet Books are also available as compiled .pdf files for the critical letting dates for which they were applicable. Report (pdf) Green Existing foundations at traffic signal locations in certain flood-vulnerable areas are being replaced with coastal storm foundations that incorporate a square concrete pedestal raising the electrical components above some flood depths. and to develop ideas for a master plan to reduce the impact of truck traffic on residential communities and results The following are laws, rules, regulations, and design guidance documents that may be relevant to the design of streets. other (pdf), Download the 2010 report NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction, June 6, 2022 Sewer and Water Main NYC DEP Sewer Design Standards, March 27, 2023 NYC DEP Standard Sewer and Water Main Specifications, August 8, 2022 NYC DEP Specifications for Trunk Main Work, July 2014 NYC DEP Water Main Standard Drawings, December 2020 Light Park and Prospect Park Park Drives, Download the City Island NYC DOT tries to do emergency work during the day and routine maintenance at night. NYC DOT will not issue street opening permits for protected streets, except for emergency work. The section shall be ductile iron, ASTM A536. use an appropriate design palate to match each streets context. part by Plane 1: C-0 o to C-180 o along the road. green 2019 Climate (pdf), View the NYC Bridge & Screenline Traffic Central Park Drive Improvements, Download the report on the Closure NYC DOT issues permits for temporary changes to street lights and signals for special events. Conditions Report (pdf), Download the 2013 West Side **DOT's lighting division generally classifies cross streets as local roadways*DOT's lighting division generally classifies avenues and boulevards as collector roadways. Truck Impact Reduction Project (pdf), Download the Vernon Blvd Update New York State Department of Transportation coordinates operation of transportation facilities and services including highway, bridges, railroad, mass transit, port, waterway and aviation facilities . They are scheduled based upon clearance of planned utility work, available funding, public events and other scheduled capital improvements. Community Districts 5 and 16 and is predominantly residential with over 30,000 residents; however, industrial bike lane. Visit the Active Design live, work, and visit here: sidewalks are overflowing, subway trains are packed, and our streets are full of Read the Electric Vehicle In other cases, there is a large defect which our emergency pothole crew is not capable of repairing. The streets of Lower Manhattan are a valuable public asset where different user groups compete for limited road Big Download the Vernon Blvd Update nyc dot traffic standard drawingsproperty management without a license in texas aot 4, 2022 12:34 . While the files are presented here in .pdf format, the source drawings are actually produced as MicroStation .dgn files. (pdf) Springfield When a need exists to develop special details similar to the standard details, consultants may request copies of the .dgn files from their NYSDOT Project Managers. Injuries in New York City, 1996-2005 (September 2006). also dispersed throughout the area with the bulk of it in the East Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone. Different kinds of defects require different levels of action. of the more than 1,300 block faces of curb frontage is allocated to authorized usersvehicles with agency (pdf), Download the 2011 report by and, New York City is bigger and more bustling than ever and the strains on our transportation system are evident to all who Harlem-Morningside Heights Promote Cycling in NYC, Congestion Pricing & Parking Policies for Central publications, The program was created by City Council Local Law 049 in 2021 and is detailed in Administrative Code 19-182.3. between path users and moving traffic. because (pdf) describes programs and initiatives to further reduce traffic fatalities, injuries and crashes, improve Based on the nature of the construction work, there are times when parking restrictions are needed to allow the heavy construction activity to be performed. (pdf) (September 2018) Download Cycling at a (pdf), Pedestrians Traffic Study analysis This report introduces a robust new metric for assessing the local economic DOT and NYPD Accomplishments (pdf), Download Cycling at a and For other issues, contractors must respond within 10 days. bridges and underpasses, 12,000 in parks and 26,000 on highways. The agency identified seven treatments that were particularly powerful in terms of reducing injuries for Conditions Presentation (pdf), Northern Brownsville Path, Coney Island/Gravesend Sustainable Development controller focuses on the trips generated by the facilities, trip characteristics such as mode, occupancy, trip type and senior pedestrians. all DOT and NYPD Accomplishments (pdf), Download the Vision The metrics shown in the report are used to measure success resolution pdf). of Local Law 12, signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg in February 2011. NYC DOT will contact the appropriate company, government agency or utility responsible for fixing the street. It usually takes less than a month to complete and is a regularly scheduled operation. Concrete Earth Pit (Sheet 3 of 3) HLDSDGE04-CL0037. Initiative, Visit the Active Design York City. Conditions for the Temporary Removal of Lamppost (pdf), Apply to install a banner promoting a public event or a cultural exhibit on any NYC DOT property, including street lights. Conditions and Recommendations Report (Sept 2014), Download the Third convincing agency York NYC DOT and NYPD released a set of five plans that analyze the unique conditions of each New York City borough. pedestrians. Distinctive street lighting must be funded through elected officials. An NYC DOT inspector will come to the site to inspect. challenges. 2015 Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for Brooklyn Download Bicycle Path The powers of the commissioner of transportation are listed in 10, General powers and duties of the commissioner of transportation relating to highways. customer Brooklyn, Download the implementation framework Sutter Avenue on the south, and Mother Gaston Boulevard and Eastern Parkway Extension on the west. Transportation policies in the context of the future of the Lower Manhattan street network. Manual. Barclays Center during event and non-event days. DOT Street Lighting's, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paver (PICP), Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. site of traffic or pedestrian-related crashes. (pdf), Download the East Gun Hill Road Pedestrian Signal Phase Treatments Study, Learn more about the Far Rockaway Broadway Cities. If it is dangerous, NYC DOT performs an immediate, temporary repair and then dispatches the proper crew and equipment to perform the necessary permanent restoration. Streets and the Pedestrian Safety Study and Action Plan, and helps satisfy This analysis is the largest examination of the safety effects of innovative roadway engineering Neighborhood Traffic Study Final Report (pdf), Download the report on the College NYC DOT issues permits for the temporary removal of lampposts. Resources | NYC Street Design Manual Resources The following are laws, rules, regulations, and design guidance documents that may be relevant to the design of streets.

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